Rural life

It is the scenery visible from my room.
The spread is about 1000m × 1000m = 1000000m2 rural landscape in this way.
Japan is now, the rainy season, because at night,croaking of a frog is amazing. I like.

This painting, painter of the Edo period in Japan,
Nagasawa Rosetsu(1754-1799), is a part. Are drawn in suibokuga=Ink wash painting. Cute.

What is suiboku-ga ?

The black-and-white suiboku-ga style came into Japan from China together with
Zen Buddhism and became established as an independent art form in about the fifteenth century.

Suibokuga is a style of Indian-ink painting introduced to Japan from China in the Kamakura period.

Suiboku-ga (Ink painting) is a classic oriental creative art that was born in China
and transferred to Japan at the end of the 12th century.

Suiboku-ga artists create a black and white world with the use of water, ink and paper or silk.


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