Japan Classic Electronica

90’s,Time of school students are memories,was listening to good music.
It is with Walkman.Sony,overcome it.


Okihide – Blue (1995)
My chill out anthem. wabi sabi,zen,sound.OK, please be wrapped.
I do not have data before I sold the CD to save is sad.


Okihide – Kwaheri (1997)
Kwaheri is Swahili,=Goodbye.Blow sound continues in a funky way!
This musician, in the city of Kyoto, has a noodle shop.


Ken Ishii – Flurry (1994)
A trip to the space,Journey into space.


Nobukazu Takemura – The Lake of Winter (1994)
He is a person of Kyoto, too. An image skating in a winter lake appears.


Museum Of Plate – The Ground (1998)
Female pianist is the center. Jazz like.
After enjoying a date in the city, song you want to sink.


2 thoughts on “Japan Classic Electronica

    • todolokis 2012/06/19 / 11:38 am

      I listened a little bit of German progressive rock, too.
      I liked the way the music was called techno and UK intelligence at that time, however.
      I would like also to introduce.

      With it euro! What happens?

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